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Find the best Freelancers and Interim Managers for your project from a pool of 10,000 CVs in seconds, and reduce hiring fees by 75%. With the power of AI.

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& Interim Managers

We are not just another staffing agency. We are your AI operating system that helps you to find new projects automatically, quickly, and transparently.

1-Click Application

Apply with 1 click to suitable projects. Your registration on FRATCH takes 3 minutes.

30% Recommendation Bonus

Recommend other freelancers and receive 30% of FRATCH´s profits every time we staff your recommendation.

Fast Payments

We pay your invoice within 30 days or less.

Full Transparency

We are completely transparent regarding our referral fee: We add 15% to the daily rate you request (paid by client).

For Corporate &
Enterprise Customers

Why use Fratch

Find your freelancers - fast & affordable

With our AI-driven matching platform, we can offer you suitable freelancers faster and more affordably - with the same quality.

  • Receive suitable freelancer proposals within a few hours
  • Full transparency - We stand for an "Open Book Policy" and charge a 15% commission
  • Proactive consultant introduction: A freelancer in our network becomes available? You will be the first to know
  • Compliant Freelance Placements: FRATCH acts as a reliable partner when it comes to regulation, legislation and practical process and methodological knowledge.
For Corporate Customers

Experiences with FRATCH

What clients and freelancers say about us
Mareike Graf
What FRATCH does differently is the matching of freelancers to clients' specific needs. They found us a candidate with brand and business expertise, along with unique corporate experience we couldn’t find elsewhere - covering the three areas that were most important to us. What are the chances of that?
Mareike Graf
CMO and CPO DACH, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services
Ingo Marx
As the labor market continues to implode, traditional freelance and interim management platforms are failing to adapt to labor and corporate needs. FRATCH proves them all wrong. Fast, uncomplicated, and with an extraordinarily good matching of freelance skillset and advertised projects.
Ingo Marx
Consultant for Digital Media, eCRM & Marketing Automation
Alice Behrendt
With FRATCH I do not only benefit from having a clear overview of projects including information on daily rates and duration - I also have access to immediate feedback that helps me decide whether to apply for a project. This efficient feedback loop saves me time by avoiding projects that are ultimately not a good fit.
Alice Behrendt
Start-up & Innovation Consultant
Philipp Thomaschewski
Our story
It started with a mission
I myself worked as a freelancer for a long time and was dissatisfied with the existing mediation platforms and intermediaries. The biggest problem was the lack of transparency of available project tenders, the time-consuming registration and application processes, and the uncertainty about my own day rate, as one could not see what the intermediary earns from me.

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